Get Relief from Allergies with Home Probiotics

The air in your home is likely 5X more polluted than your outdoor air. - EPA

Our environmental probiotics do more than eliminate airborne allergens, they clean allergens from surfaces as well!

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Probiotics for Your Home


Home Probiotics offers products for cars, offices, pets and for homes and commercial buildings.
With our cold fogging device we can protect up to 5,000 square feet on a continuous and automatic basis 24/7.
A specially formulated probiotic is imperceptibly fogged into your home to combat common viruses, molds, allergens, and unwanted bacteria on a day to day, minute by minute basis.


Environmental Probiotics Work

Ghent Univesity Hospital Study on Environmental Probiotics

Need Some Fresh Air?

Now Offered Indoors.


All-natural and non-toxic. Achieve peace of mind by using a system free of chemicals. And maintain a healthier, natural and safe environment in any indoor space.

Safe for People & Pets

The power of probiotics can help protect your family & pets from the harmful effects of allergens and irritants. Our probiotics are chemical free and all natural.

40+ Years of Proof

Our effective formula has been delivering results for 40 years. Similar to maintaining a balanced and healthy biome in your gut, you should be creating a balanced and healthy biome in your home.

Cotinuously Keep Air Contaminants at Bay

image/svg+xmlVirusesBacteriaMoldsMildewsOdorsPollenDanderDust MitesDustTobacco

NG-5000 Continuous Fresh Indoor Air for 5000 Sq Ft

Air purifiers only clean your air.
Our Home Probiotics keep your air and surfaces clean in any environment. It can even be used topically.
By releasing a patented probiotic formula every two hours, over time a protective shield develops on surfaces and in the air. This can be achieved with a plug-in or by attaching our larger unit to an existing HVAC system.
Your HVAC system is often seen as a culprit for spreading allergens, now it can be used a solution to eliminate them, and bring you relief 24/7.
Financing for Probiotics
Line of Home Environmental Probiotic Products

Buy a Sample & Experience the Results

Trying a spray bottle or smaller fogger from our MIST product line gives you an easy, fast way to experience results.
Do allergies affect you in your car?  Try our battery-powered mini MIST which will keep a controlled and constant supply of allergy relief while in your car.
Do you suffer from allergies while at work? Try the plug-in micro MIST for your office.
Many customers find relief by simply using our pump spray MIST on their pillow each night before going to bed.
Regardless, our products can deliver results on either an as-needed or continuous basis, and work in a small sedan or a 300,000 square foot hospital.

Experiencing Any Chronic Symptoms?

Environmental probiotics may help



Runny Noise


Shortness of Breath


Itchy or watery eyes

Sinus infection


Brain fog


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